When it comes to legal terms and agreements, it’s important to understand the difference between unlawful agreements and illegal agreements. While these terms may seem similar, they have distinct meanings and implications. Let’s take a closer look at the differences, in a convenient tabular form:

Unlawful Agreement Illegal Agreement
An agreement that is not recognized or supported by the law, but does not necessarily involve a crime. An agreement that is expressly prohibited by law and is considered a crime.
Example: A contract between two parties to engage in a business practice that is unethical, but not illegal. Example: A contract between two parties to engage in drug trafficking, which is illegal.
Can be voidable by a court if it violates public policy. Is automatically void and unenforceable.

Understanding the difference between unlawful agreements and illegal agreements is crucial in the legal world. It helps individuals and businesses make informed decisions and ensures compliance with the law.

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